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Senin, 28 Januari 2008

[DFWBandsters] DOWN 101 Pounds "Ode to my BFF's, My Band - my buddy, the giver of hope!"

When I started this journey, I named my band hope. This was because
when the band started to work and take away my hungry monster I was
given renewed hope, after years of feeling like a failure because of
my weight.

What have I learned along the way?
There are only three fill levels, too loose, just right and too tight
Liquid calories do not fill the pouch they run right through the
Solid protein in the pouch is what triggers signals to your brain
that you are full and not hungry.
Nothing taste as good as thin feels!
The band will dim your appetite but it will not control what you put
in your mouth. You have to decide to lose weight and you have decide
to eat less. You are in empowered! Exercise your brain muscle!
Now that I am not medicated with food, I have learned how to read my
body signals.It is easy to know when it is appropriate to be hungry
and if it is because of my head or my need for nourishment.
I can eat three bandister bites of anything and still succeed!
Success is stringing more good days together than bad.
There is no bad food, only bad portion sizes.
How to live with intention and choose without regret.
Never stop learning and listening to what works for others. You may
learn something!
Learn to talk to and treat yourself like you would treat others.
Why "Patience" is a virtue! (everyone with band gets this!)
This one was a big one for me, I learned I was not a failure at
weight loss after all. I had just never been given the proper "Tool"
to succeed.
As of today I have lost 101 pounds.
I have went from a BMI of 42.4 to my current Body Mass Index (BMI) is
24.4 (no this is NOT a Typo!)
Appreciate your friends and loved ones, do what you love, live life
as if today is your last. Now I can because of my BFF my band Hope.
What I have been blessed with:
No longer take any meds with the exception of URSO Forte for my
Liver. I knew when I started I would always be on this one. No more
HBP no more Statins.
Healthy bloodwork!
Healthy BMI
Healthier attitude in regards to food
10 Tips to Get Where You Want to Go:

1. Know yourself. Think about what drives you. You may feel pride in
a job well done, enjoy getting praise from others or be inspired to
change by a personal event.

2. Choose realistic goals. Look toward results that are specific and
reachable. "I will lose 10 pounds by the spring" is easier to reach
than a general one such as "I want to be thinner."

3. Take one step at a time. Break down large goals into small steps.
If you want to reduce stress, you might start by learning one new
calming technique, crossing one item off your to-do list or setting
up a space in your home for quiet reflection.

4. Set a time frame. Mark your start date and deadlines on your
calendar. Be accountable!

5. Build confidence. Do easy tasks first to create a positive

6. Recall your purpose. Why are you making this change? Perhaps you
want to feel and look better, live longer so you'll enjoy your
grandchildren, have more energy or be successful at work. Use your
values as inspiration.

7. Cut out distractions. Make reaching your goal a priority. Schedule
it into your day like any other appointment. Recognize that you might
need to get more rest and cut back on obligations as you work toward
your goal.

8. Plan for setbacks. Know that the road may be bumpy. Decide now
what you'll do when you have a tough day, such as calling a friend or
doing something special for yourself.

9. Ask for help. Set up a support network of people you trust who can
help you meet your goal.

10. Reward yourself. Every accomplishment, no matter how small,
deserves recognition.

Thanks to each and everyone of you! Wishing you the blessings of the


Paula in FL
239/138/135 = -101
First time in since childhood that I have been at a healthy BMI

A hapy Bandster is a successful loser.
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