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Senin, 28 Januari 2008

Re: [surfacehippy] Re: help with history and stats of resurfacing

Please do not take this wrong (or anyone on the board take this wrong) I do understand why many people went/go reasons, prior to the US doing this, and just the personal choice.? My question to you is, with so many good surgeons in the US, from the northeast, to the south, to the west coast, to the northwest, and Canada...why would you go overseas?? For example...I am in Florida..and there are several doctors here in this state.? Anyway, I was just curious.

Bradenton, Fl

PS:? I know others have given you the information to contact certain doctors who will do over the phone consulting.? Have you contacted any of them?

-----Original Message-----
From: John &/or Jacqueline Hullar <>
Sent: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 12:16 am
Subject: Re: [surfacehippy] Re: help with history and stats of resurfacing

It is a weird story- she recommended I go to see an
associate in this ortho practice who is semi-retired
to be my "guide" and after-care doc... He listened to
my story, checked my (lousy) range of motion, looked
at the xrays, then said he is a knee doc, but he would
get McGann, the hip OS, to come in and chat with me.
The first doc did not know much about resurfs but did
admit I had done a lot of research. He was pushing me
not to go far away in case of complications.
Then the other doc came in , and you know the rest.

My GP was trying to help me find someone to take care
of me after surgery and select a surgeon. Her pet
peeve was not resurfacing, but my desire to travel to
a surgeon, esp overseas. But now that this report has
been generated, based in the attached note from her
that the visit was a success, I am sure she is now
against resurfs.
We shall see...
I have other options and appts, but nothing is clear
I am NOT going to get a THR, that is all I know!
I can think of numerous other docs who do resurfs I
can consult with whose reports she will also see- but
their reports will be about whether I am a candidate
for resurfacing, NOT about the merits and credibility
and stats of resurfacing.

I was thrown off by the change to a dissing of
resurfacing from how my hips are doing and how, with
whom, etc I would get a resurf.

And, clearly, my GP does not want to/feel qualified to
help me with post-op or selection of an HR surgeon.
She really knew nothing about resurfacing, but she is
a GP.
That's about the gist of it,
jackie pre-op sf
p.s. I guess i have felt weird about going to a local
OS who does resurfs if I plan to go elsewhere for the
surgery, just to ask him to do my after-care....

--- "jerry.rosette" <> wrote:

> Just curious, did your GP recommend the OS? It's a
> who knows who with
> the docs and not necessarily what's new in the
> field. My GP wasn't up to
> date and I had to do the research.
> jerry
> --- In, John &/or
> Jacqueline Hullar
> <jhullar@...> wrote:
> >
> > Well, before i dump my GP I will show her the
> stats on
> > all the docs who do HR, then the reports from the
> ones
> > I consult with.
> > If she is still opposed, sayonara!!
> > i am definitely including URE in my consultation
> list.
> > I am so spooked that I may go abroad to have it
> done
> > by DeSmet or McMinn, but I will check into others
> > nearby.
> > Thanks so much for sharing your suggestions,
> > and congratulations on your new hip,
> > jackie
> >
> > pre-op sf
> > --- avid avid_dk@... wrote:
> >
> > > -
> > > > I was lucky to have Sparling so close,
> Vancouver
> > > Wa. New hospital tower,
> > > > clean, and close to my 2 girls. There are a
> couple
> > > of other docs in
> > > > Oregon and Washington that have multitudes of
> > > experience. But you have
> > > > one pretty close, Dr Ure up at Shasta. That's
> > > where I'd start since he
> > > > seems to be closer for you. has over 300 done
> and
> > > I have a friend having
> > > > surgery this feb with him, former? triathlete.
> > > Anyway, maybe you could
> > > > make a trip for a consult with your X-rays and
> > > get an opinion.
> > >
> > > Call Dr. Ure's office and send your x-rays. He
> will
> > > do a phone consult
> > > with you. Dr. Ure is a really, really nice man
> as
> > > well as a fantastic
> > > surgeon.
> > >
> > > Dr. Keith Ure
> > > Mt Shasta, CA
> > > 530-926-5211
> > >
> > > If you Doctor doesn't support your decision she
> is
> > > not a very good
> > > doctor in my humble opinion. If she doesn't
> support
> > > you on this what's
> > > next? My doctor was positively enthused about my
> > > resurfacing.
> > >
> > > avid
> > > Dr. Ure RBHR 12/10/07
> > >
> > >
> >
> >
> > jacqueline collins hullar
> > 3954 washington street
> > san francisco, ca 94118
> > 415-379-3715 home
> > 415-609-4591 cell
> > 415-379-3745 fax
> >

jacqueline collins hullar
3954 washington street
san francisco, ca 94118
415-379-3715 home
415-609-4591 cell
415-379-3745 fax

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