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Sabtu, 26 Januari 2008

RE: [Plagio] Re: new member w/ questions + upset w/ doctor + self

I suggest you call Cranial Technologies and ask them for the names of several pediatricians in the area who are “band friendly.”   They will surely know of several doctors who will happily write a script for a band.  If it is an hour’s drive you could easily make an appointment with CT for a free evaluation, and have a pediatrician appointment scheduled for the same day.  CT will give you the measurements and a prescription form to take to the doctor.


And don’t feel so guilty.  I was also told the same things about my son’s head getting better on its own.  He is now 9 months old and getting his second band on Monday – and I am feeling like he could have been done with this if I had gone to CT from the beginning…. Or if any of the people I had consulted had said anything other than “don’t worry, he’ll grow out of it.”  Anyway, we are all doing the best we can for our kids!




From: [] On Behalf Of nwilkens2275
Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2008 9:46 AM
Subject: [Plagio] Re: new member w/ questions + upset w/ doctor + self


Welcome. You still have time to correct the problem, so take a deep
breath. It will be okay! I know exactly how you feel. And to a
degree, I probably felt worse than you, because I was completely
aware of my son's problem from very early on. He had tort, and
though I never heard the word "plagiocephaly," he was a
textbook "before" picture. And I too asked the doctor every well
visit (we also saw 2 different ones), we even saw a neurosurgeon at
4 months old, and they all said it would work itself out on its own.
So we trusted them and let it go. Now, I've finally taken a stand
and Jake will be casted on Monday for his DOCBand at CT in
Charlotte. He's almost 17 months old. We saw another ped at another
practice who took me seriously and said I had a right to be
concerned about Jake's forehead bossing, that it should have
corrected more by now. Then we also saw a craniofacial surgeon who
said he wouldn't band because of his age, but he wrote the Rx anyway
and said he would defer to the orthotist (both of which said they
would band him).

So my guilt right now is not in his condition itself, but that I
didn't push the issue a year ago. I know of a mom from my kids'
preschool who just banded her son at 9 months old, and she's already
seeing great correction. So no need to fret yet about his age.
You're doing the right thing! I would go to CT for the free consult,
and if you can't get a script from your ped, I would see a
craniofacial surgeon. (It might look better for insurance purposes
if the script is from a specialist anyway). The minute you get the
script, you can make an appointment for the casting, and he'll get
his band within 10-14 days. What insurance are you switching too?
Can you find out in advance what their coverage is for "durable
medical equipment" or "orthotics and prosthetics"? You would also
have to find out if CT is in network or out of network.

Good luck with the process! Keep us posted!
Nicole in Raleigh
Jake-16.5 months-future DocBand

--- In, "hidmc1" <hidmc1@...> wrote:
> Hello! I was thrilled to find and join your group yesterday. My
> is almost 8 months old. He's had what I now know to be
> since he was approx 2 months. I just learned of the term this week
> doing internet research. His right side is flattened.
> I'm really upset because at my son's routine checkups I always
> the doctor about it because it was very obvious his head was
> misshaped. All the doctor did was feel to be sure he still had his
> soft spot and said that my son would grow out of it the older he
> and the less time he was on his back, etc.
> I made an appointment w/ a different doctor in the practice for
> 6 month checkup because I didn't think his head looked any better,
> despite the fact that I got rid of his swing when he 5 months and
> limited his time on his head (except for sleeping and car seats).
> The new doctor had an "emergency," and I got the same doctor
> I was crying about his head this time, and the doctor
> again "promised me" that "he will grow out of it." I again
> trusted him and kept trying to limit time on his affected side.
> Deep down I was feeling that this wasn't right but didn't want to
> paranoid. Also, I am a self-pay (have insurance but very high
> deductible; for emergencies only).
> I am consumed with guilt because I kept him in the swing so much
> the first few months of life. I have a toddler (19 months apart)
> often kept the baby in the swing and safely "out of harms way"
> because I couldn't manage both kids. I'm also mad at myself for
> getting a second opinion when he was 2 – 3 months old when I knew
> something was wrong. I'm also mad that I didn't get rid of the
> sooner and never propped his head in the car seat or anything.
> was I thinking?!!! Now I stress so badly anytime he has to be in
> car seat or sleeps that way and continually try to prop him. I
> rehashing all the times I had him unnecessarily in the swing or
> seat, etc. and am feeling so bad.
> To make me more stressed, we are in the process of getting another
> insurance provider so I can't do anything for probably two weeks.
> I'm thrilled to learn there's a Cranial Technologies within an
> hour's drive. I'm not sure if CT will make me get a doctor's order
> even though I will be paying for this out of pocket. I'm just not
> sure what to do right now. I feel so stressed with each day older
> that he gets now that I found out that there is a solution and not
> a "just wait it out" approach. Also, I feel like I missed my
> of opportunity… he should already be wearing the band… now he
> probably won't get one until he's nine months old. Can anyone tell
> me what steps I should take to get this going? Should I make an
> appointment for a few weeks out? Go to a different doctor's
> or a different doctor in the same practice and get a referral? Can
> anyone assure me that waiting a few more weeks is no big deal?
> else can I be doing in the meantime????
> Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Caren

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