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Minggu, 27 Januari 2008

[Supertraining] Re: Body Fat Reduction

From my reading, I have concluded that diet is key in the loss of
bodyfat. Not to dismiss the importance of exercise. It's important for
a number of reasons including burning calories, maintaining and/or
adding muscle and increasing overall metabolism.

There are a lot of diet issues including low fat vs low carb and
issues around diet composition, etc. Others can comment on that stuff.

I want to just direct you to an article written by Lyle McDonald on
the total calorie deficit that can be supported without losing lean
body mass.

It's called "Determining the Maximum Dietary Deficit for Fat Loss"

Bottom line about 31 calories per pound of body fat. So a 200 lb
person at 15% BF (30 pounds fat) could cut about 930 calories from his
diet (in theory) without losing lean body mass.

There are plenty of caveats and "your mileage may vary" applies. It
seems like a good start though.

Tony Kenck
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--- In, "matt_tentis" <matt_tentis@...>
> The Army has a body weight and estimated body fat standard
> determined through tape measurements. Many of these soldiers who do
> not meet these standards also do not pass their physical fitness
> test; max push up, max sit up, timed 2 mile run. These soldiers are
> usually put on a remedial physical training program, which many
> affectionately call the "fat body program". Usually these programs
> are run by an NCO who is not qualified and the methods used are
> neither geared to improve the PT score or reduce body fat.
> With that said, I get many questions and requests for programs to
> lose weight. I feel I can confidently advise these individuals, but
> I would like to start a discussion on fat reduction. What is the
> most effective method of weight loss? How do we increase metabolism
> through training? Does anyone have a truly effective method to
> convince people not to weigh themselves and focus on measurements of
> body fat percentage? What about proper nutrition and these dieting
> methods, such as the Atkins diet?
> I know this is broad topic, but there is always more to learn. Any
> advice, discussion, and/or resources would be great.
> Matt Tentis
> Kellogg, MN
> Currently in Kosovo

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