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Minggu, 27 Januari 2008

[surfacehippy] Re: help with history and stats of resurfacing


Dr. Lannin returned my call the other day and we spoke for about half
an hour. He is a really nice guy, he and Hartford have done over 75
resurfacings together now. They did 6 just this past Wednesday, so
their numbers should start going up pretty quickly. They have been
designated as a surgeon training center, so between them and Dr.
Gilbert, you have choices now in the Bay area. If you choose to go
outside, you can see them for follow up care.

My strong suggestion, GET A NEW GP! I don't care how great this
person has been in the past, if they are trying to talk you out of
something this important they are NOT worth it to have in the
future. It blows me away that a doctor can sit there and tell a
patient that a newer THR will last 30 years when they simply have NOT
been around for 30 years. Or is this doc trying to talk you into the
small head poly device which we all know will last less than 10 years
in any active young patient. You should print out the BHR data and
show it to them, those are proven numbers and facts don't lie. Tell
him to print out and show you ANY proven data that shows the newer
MoM resurfacing don't last. Also tell him to show doctors statistics
on their first 50 THR's that they have ever performed, better yet ask
him how many failures he had in his first 50 THR's that he ever did.
I am sure that will shut him up. This just makes my blood run cold
when I hear that this kind of BS continues out there. It really is a
shame, and the ones it hurts are the many poor uninformed patients
out there that will buy this guys crap. I would love to have a face
to face with this guy. It just goes to show you that as we told you
at the meeting, it is nothing but a waste of time to see doc that
does not do resurfacing, they will outright lie to you and their egos
are usually so huge that they end up sounding convincing. Such a

LBHR Dr. Bose Dec 01 05

--- In, John &/or Jacqueline Hullar
<jhullar@...> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am faced with a written report from one of the local
> TIP TOP hip docs (Dr McGann, SF) I consulted with
> which totally disparages HR.
> (Parenthetically, I went into this practice to get a
> check on the condition of my hips with brand new
> xrays, and to ask if they would support me in SF if
> had a resurf done outside of SF, and whether there
> were any HR surgeon(s) they would recommend/like to
> work with..)
> The worst I was expecting was--" oh, we won't have
> anything to do with patients operated on by other docs
> or out of the area."
> Instead, I got read the riot act about how HR is a
> bunch of quackery!
> it is disheartening, discouraging, and makes me wonder
> what to think... How can he be missing what is going
> on as per this site?? Or what/whom am I to
> believe??...
> He says that he is watching the HR stats in SF or Bay
> Area (I am not sure if he means procedures performed
> here, or people living here who have been resurfaced)
> and says that 6 out 22 have failed...
> He also states that there has been a recent surge in
> resurfs in Australia, and it has dropped off...
> He states that males with large hip bones and no AVN
> are the only population that seems to do well with
> resurfs.
> Yes, yes, I know that this kind of experience is
> common, but it is still astounding to me how utterly
> POSITIVE he is about what he said to me. He is totally
> and unredeemably AGAINST resurfacing pf the hips.
> He also states that he thinks that THR's should now
> last 30 years!
> I got over the emotional impact of the appointment in
> about 24 hours, and have been back on track working
> towards a resurf BUT I just received the 6 page
> written report with a very smug note from my regular
> doctor, saying how successful the consultation seems
> to have been... Now I am feeling pretty insecure about
> all this again.
> I really do not have many places to turn in SF- I will
> lose this GP, whom I love in all other ways, if I get
> a resurf. It took me five years to get into her
> practice, which is exactly the opposite about
> everything else: cutting edge, looking at alternative
> medicine, etc.
> And where will I turn if I DO have a complication???
> Or need help after the surgery in any way?
> So this post is somewhat just me ventilating, but if
> anyone could offer some suggestions, explanations,
> whatever!
> Is there some study out there I do not know about
> discrediting HR???
> Cheers to you all. Clearly I admire you all for your
> "Courage"= I am feeling pretty spooked right this
> minute,
> jackie pre-op sf
> jacqueline collins hullar
> 3954 washington street
> san francisco, ca 94118
> 415-379-3715 home
> 415-609-4591 cell
> 415-379-3745 fax

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