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Sabtu, 26 Januari 2008

[Supertraining] Re: Training Question

Thanks guys for your responses. I apologize if I used the wrong terminology on the fast twitch slow twitch. My younger son moves very slowly in comparison to others during athletic events and in general. I tend to call that slow twitch dominant but I'm just a layman in this area. He does play basketball, football and baseball but is not nearly as competive as he would be if he had decent speed. My thoughts were to possibly start some weight training to get some strength going especially in his legs. I also think tha maybe a martial art to help his flexibility, balance and I personally think that the kicks and stances would help strengthen his legs and body. I appreciate the input.

Rex Icard
Albany, Georgia USA.


glen stewart <> wrote:
Hi Rex,

Fast or Slow Twitch, the bottom line to most athletic endeavours is quickly one performs the task.

Even events like the marathon, ironman triathlon, ultra-marathons, cross country skiing, Tour De France and the list goes about how quickly can you complete the event!

One may argue that until a "speed athlete" ie middle distance specialist steps up to the marathon that a sub 2 hour time will be accomplished (but hey, that's another debate).

I agree with earlier observations...speed is the quintessential element that distinguishes success in many athletic endeavours.

As far as your young bloke is concerned, have him participate in a variety of activities (that he enjoys), specialising will hinder, not help.

Allow him the time to grow into his "feet". Long limbed kids take a bit longer to find their coordination. As their body weight increases, their balance will improve.

Performing appropriate strength training will also improve athletic ability.

The bottom line with "training/competition", allow him the enjoyment of being a youngster and find his own niche.


Glen Stewart
Canberra, Australia


--- In, rex icard <rex_icard@...> wrote:
> Hello Group Members,
> I have 2 sons one 17 and one 12. My 17 year old is straight fast
twitch, really fast and excels in athletics. He is 6 ft. 170 pounds
or so. My 12 year old is slow twitch and tall for his age. He did not
walk until he had tubes put into his ears as a child and does not
have the best balance. However, he has good athletic skill, but his
slowness and lack of balance are holding him back athletically. I
have read a few things saying that it is possible to work with
someone to help them recruit fast twitch muscle fiber and improve
their balance. Do any of you have an idea of some type of workout or
exercises maybe that would help him develop his speed and balance.
His balance has improved over the years but he still would improve
greatly with better balance. I'm sure he also needs to strengthen his
legs for sure but I thought maybe someone had dealt with similar
problems on this group. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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