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Minggu, 27 Januari 2008

Re: [Supertraining] Best and Worst Training Advice?


I think "Prepare To Be A Champion!' says it all.

W.G. Johnson
Ubermensch Sports Consultancy
San Diego Ca


Steven Plisk <> wrote: ==============
Jamie Carruthers wrote:
Would anyone out there care to list their favourite BEST and WORST advice ever received?


Lately I've boiled down my "best practice" messages to four essential take-homes:

• We're in the business of planned unpredictability. The operative concept is planning - we need to know the target, the situation, and the basic principles in order to develop a sound strategy.

• Training = learning. This has big implications because at each level of planning, there are some trade-offs we must resolve and some key issues driving the decisions we must make. Essentially this process involves curriculum design.

• WYTFIWYG ("what you train for is what you get"). The problem is that specificity is not one-dimensional; we need to triangulate on it from at least three perspectives: coordinative, energetic, and mechanical. Many people neglect one or more of these, or simply let appearances fool them. It's an easy trap to fall into because task analysis is the mundane part of planning. Variation is where the fun stuff is, but we can get into big trouble if we don't first zero in on the target correctly. To use a baseball analogy, our pitches will be aimed at the wrong strike zone - maybe even in the wrong ballpark.

• Be a multidisciplinarian, and use common sense. One of the paradoxes of achieving mastery in any discipline is that becoming a better generalist usually makes you a better specialist. If you see the big ideas that span the branches of knowledge, you'll be better able to tune out the noise and take evidence-based practice to a new level.

Apologies if that sounds too glib. It gets into some very cool concepts when you peel back the layers (which is what our Sports Training Mastery workshops are designed to do). Anyway I'm trying to get better at putting things in everyman terms!


Steven Plisk
Excelsior Sports • Shelton CT

Prepare To Be A Champion!

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