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Sabtu, 26 Januari 2008

Re: [DFWBandsters] Maybe it just doesn't work for everyone! Just my opinion!

I have to agree with Andre on this. I had gone from 305 to 235 and then my mom died and I gained back up to 262 during the last 2 years since my Mom died. I was suicidal, agoraphobic... just go down the list of mental illnesses... they were all manifesting in my life. I was ready to have my band taken out... tired of only being able to eat a few bites and the PB'ing and still being hungry but too tight to eat and that was after we took out most of my saline in the band!!
Without my Mom who was my biggest cheerleader, I felt all alone in this journey.

I finally started talking to other bandsters and even spoke to a local bariatric doctor who said there was a big possibility that I have a hiatel hernia and once that is fixed the weight should come off WITH THE PROPER SUPPORT!! So now I am saving my money to get that done and and in the meantime seeing a therapist who specializes in eating disorders and even without having the surgery yet, I am losing the weight.... so there is ALOT to say about support. My wish for you is to get into a good support system of any kind, give it a few months, see if it helps, lend yourself to the suggestions of the groups and just give it one last chance k?

A hapy Bandster is a successful loser.
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