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Minggu, 27 Januari 2008

Re: [Supertraining] Best and Worst Training Advice?

In a message dated 1/27/08 10:00:16 AM, writes:

> Apologies if that sounds too glib. It gets into some very cool concepts
> when you peel back the layers (which is what our Sports Training Mastery
> workshops are designed to do). Anyway I'm trying to get better at putting things in
> everyman terms!
> Regards,
> Steven Plisk
Greetings Steven,

I perceived no signs of glibness. Its difficult to express the above in an
abbreviated form using less then "elite" terminology "putting things in everyman
terms!" -- is a key point and one in which we all purportedly strive but
seldom achieve.

The expressions of yourself, Stone, Yessis, Siff, Casler, Walthem
and similar contemporaries always seem to hit the mark but would be better
served if given specific examples, i.e., "peel back the layer." This of course
would be an impossible task for an entire protocol but one in which a given
aspect, e.g., strength, power, movement specific training, etc., would be covered
in detail.

Not only does this bring in "every(wo)man" but every(wo)man as well. There
have been many times when reading the expertise of just about anyone on this
list that a specific example or definition would mean the difference between
understanding and puzzlement.


Jerry Telle
Lakewood CO USA

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