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Jumat, 25 Januari 2008

[Bath_and_Body] AD: Beginner Soapmakers! Learn to make soap the easy way!

Thanks for allowing ad day. List Owner and/or moderators are not
responsible for the outcome of
any ad or transaction and all inquiries must be made OFF LIST.


_Making Soap In Your Own Kitchen_ is a FULLY ILLUSTRATED ebook that
will show you how to make soap from scratch, step-by-step.

Over 50 professional photographs show you the way, including all the
information you need regarding:

--lye and safety
--what "trace" looks like
--molds and curing
--cutting and packaging

" Hi Olde Crone...just downloaded your book; I have been making CP
soaps for 10 years now and teaching soapmaking for 5 years. Oh My
Goodness this book is stellar! I have people asking me all the time
for an easy, comprehensive starter book--this is it! I will be giving
your url to my students." --Theda, Millport, Alabama

Click on the link to read what others have to say, and get started on
your first batch of soap!:

New Garden Seeds in and a new line of teapots are in too!
Flat Rate Shipping!  Just $5.99 per order ( over $25.00)! No matter how heavy the order you pay just $5.99.  See Site for details

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