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Rabu, 09 Januari 2008

[depression-anxiety] For a Rich I knew ***TRIGGER WARNING***Talks of SI

For a Rich I knew

Where are you now I wonder everyday.
I wonder if I will see you on a crowded city street,
Your wrist were branded with the mark of the S.
The S you put there.
The S to kill you.
I feel you were lost out there in the world.
Not sure of where you were.
Not sure of where you were going.
So you cut a map upon your wrists.
A map to where you tried to go.
But you did not get there.
Someone found you.
Someone saved you.
Saved you so our paths may cross.
I was there for my own pain,
and in your eyes I saw it too.
Time would come for us to leave.
They threw you back into the world.
Wounds not healed, scares still fresh.
The pain inside was still to deep.
They sent you out to wander the world.
Still unsure of who you are.
Unsure of what you want.
Unsure it was time to go.
So I say a prayer for you
As you wander the world.
And I wonder where you are now.

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