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Rabu, 23 Januari 2008

[depression-anxiety] Here we go again.....(sigh) Can I vent Please?

Ok..... Group...I need a little moral support here.... I am going back
in for pre-op on Friday and dreading the thoughts so bad. This will
be my 4th. surgery in the past 9 months. I am praying that this will
be my last and final surgery on my leg. I am walking again and that
is a HUGE blessing. HOWEVER.... after my surgery next week, I am sure
I will be limited somewhat for a few weeks yet once again.

Then...... After My recovery..... I have to find a job! I have not
been on the job market in YEARS!!!! I am a hospice Nurse and worked
at the hospital for the past 8 years and worked at the doctor's office
years before that. BUT, Because of my accident, I was out of work
longer than our Medical Leave of Absence Policy would allow and my
employer had to let me go. I know... it sucks, but they reassured me
that my job would be waiting when I was released from the doctors that
they just had to take me off payroll....blah,blah,blah....

Anyway....I've tried really hard to stay positive during all this
STRESS, but, being that I was the only source of INCOME for my family,
(my husband is a stay at home dad and takes care of all our kids... I
think I told you guys in an earlier post that my brother died and we
were awarded custody of his children because he was a single parent, I
worry about getting back to work ASAP! My brother's kids have been
through hell and we (meaning hubby and I )have to keep a healthy,
positive attitude for the kids as difficult as it may be.

Lynn, Thanks for asking... the kids are doing great. March will be
our 1 year anniversary for my brother's death and I am sure it will be
difficult on the kids, but, we are a family and we will be fine.

Oh...Lynn... You also asked about the 4 wheeler I crashed.... It was a
polaris 330 and it totally kicked my a$$. lol

Thanks for letting me vent. You guys are wonderful.
Becky in NC.

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