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Kamis, 10 Januari 2008

[DFWBandsters] Finally... No more throwing up

I called the doctor yesterday and absolutely insisted that he figure
out what is wrong with me. My appointment was today at 3:00 pm and
before then, I managed to throw up 5 times. I arrived at the
appointment, in tears, but determined to solve this problem. The nurse
bragged that I have lost 28 pounds and she was very excited. Of
course, I had to dimish the accomplishment because anyone that throws
up for two months will lose weight.

Well, in a nutshell, I took the barium test and the surgeon informed
that everything was fine. I informed him that throwing up five times a
day was not fine and I insisted that he find out what was going on.
HIS LAB ASSISTANT mentioned that perhaps I had too much fill from my
surgery(my first fill is scheduled on 2/14) and suggested that they
remove it. SHOCK and SURPRISE, I am not throwing up. (Knock on wood,
stroking my rabbit's foot, and crossing anything and everything that
will cross) What a relief!!!!

A hapy Bandster is a successful loser.
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