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Rabu, 23 Januari 2008

[DFWBandsters] Re:Cynthia - tummy tuck

Hi Sandy,
I am not Cynthia, but I can answer this from the business side... It all depends on your insurance, your employer and what thier requirements are. Some plans say NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT, under ANY circumstances. While others say if you have a functional impairment, persistant skin infections (and I am not talking about the rash we all get during summer months... I am referring to ulcer type infections that require medical intervention... ie: antibiotic therapy) things like that, they will cover it. And still others say if you have had wt loss surgery, and have kept off the weight for X number of months/years, then they will cover it (DONT WE ALL WISH OUR PLANS SAID THAT!!!). So you need to call your insurance, or go to your HR department and ask for a copy of your SPD or COC (Summary Plan Description, or Certificate of Coverage).


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