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Rabu, 16 Januari 2008

[lowdosenaltrexone] Re: Belinda re TIMING OF DOSE & METABOLISM & CAPSULE FILLER

Thank you Chris, for your explanation about metabolism!

Im not an expert either but I think I have a slower working
metabolism. I have always cold feets and hands and dont eat much on a day.

I will try to take the LDN at 22.00 hour to check if that will work
better for me!

I make my own liquid LDN (with tapwater, they say it has a good
quality her in the Netherlands) from the Revia tablets so I dont have
the problem with the fillers.
The anti-oxidants I used to take, I always take them in the morning,
so that cant be the problem also.
I dont take any medicine besides the LDN.

Thank for the advice!

With the best wishes,

--- In, "Case Health Pty Ltd"
<casehealth@...> wrote:
> Hi Belinda,
> We all understand LDN is most effective when the dose is taken
between 10pm and 2am, however; I don't believe
> this is the only variable factor necessitating consideration when
targeting optimum efficacy.
> Metabolism is another variable factor that must be considered,
especially when working with such small doses.
> Each person's metabolism is different - we metabolise foods,
medications, etc differently.
> Also, a person's normal metabolism can change over short or long
periods of time - weeks, days, even hours -
> in response to other variable lifestyle factors such as changes in
diet, exercise, supplements, medications,
> etc.
> Antioxidants, for example; as supplements, detoxes, or even teas or
dark chocolate; can speed metabolism
> (speed exit).
> This means it's unlikely every person can take advantage of the full
four-hour (10pm to 2am) medication window
> and achieve optimum efficacy.
> Perhaps ...
> a) Those with a slow metabolism may benefit most from the earliest
dosage window for LDN.
> b) Those with a fast metabolism may benefit most from the latest
dosage window for LDN.
> You know your own body better than anyone else - so please give
consideration to your own normal metabolism,
> and consider anything that could be impacting metabolisation of LDN.
> Speed of metabolism is also relevant to choice of capsule fillers:
Some time back now it was determined that
> calcium carbonate was not the ideal filler in LDN capsules because
it had a tendency to compact and therefore,
> could slow down release of the active ingredient (Naltrexone). For
those who already had a slow metabolism,
> you can see how a delay in the release of the active ingredient
could very well be counterproductive.
> To summarise, in my (unqualified) opinion, the bottom line here is
this ...
> 1. As the Naltrexone dose is minute, the timing of each person's
dose will be dependent on multiple variable
> factors that must be given due consideration if optimum efficacy is
to be achieved.
> 2. Antioxidants (and anything else that may interfere with
metabolising LDN) should not be taken in the
> evening near to when you take your LDN as they may negatively impact
metabolisation of such a small dose of
> Naltrexone.
> Kind regards,
> Cris

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