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Jumat, 11 Januari 2008

[lowdosenaltrexone] Re: Sjogrens/hashimotos - taken LDN Therapy for 4 weeks -- Results

Thanks for the explanation, now I get it.

You really seem to know your body well, knowing which pulse rate
indicates which condition of the thyroid. I hope I get to that point,
but I have a long way to go.

I have an appt with a U of Chicago thyroid doc to get a full
evaluation of my thyroid and nodules and to see if I have other
autoimmune conditions going on. I'm going to ask her about LDN and
see if she's familiar with it.

Thanks for the info,


--- In, "Nicole B."
<NicoleYvonne@...> wrote:
> Hi Cindy,
> Elaine Moore has an article about the TSH receptor antibodies on
> that said, if I recall correctly, that 1/3 of people
who are
> hypothyroid have them. They block the TSH receptors and keep people from
> getting adequate thyroid hormone by disrupting the feedback loop
that should
> keep thyroid levels correct. Since you have some TSI, I would bet
you have
> some of these as well.
> People who are taking thyroid replacement because they are
hypothyroid and
> who then regain natural thyroid function will end up with too much
> hormone in their system, because their body is now making what it
needs plus
> they are still taking more. That seems to have happened to me and a
> of other people. I'm confident that this is what happened to me
because I
> was taking a medium-sized dose of thyroid replacement, had an
increase in my
> pulse after two weeks on LDN (often an indicator that a person is
> hyperthyroid), and then had a return to normal heart rate after
stopping the
> thyroid replacement. And where I felt hyper during the period of
> pulse, I feel euthyroid now.
> I'd been taking T4 and T3 since stopping PTU in 2005; I stopped them
8 days
> ago and am still feeling great and euthyroid. Of course, FT4 and FT3
> would tell the true story, but my pulse is usually a good indicator
for me
> (60 is hypo, 80 is hyper, 68 is euthyroid). I also have baseline
> tests (TSI, TBII, TPO) and will recheck in 3-4 month--but I can "feel"
> they're decreasing.
> And yes, I'm so pleased that we're investigating another autoimmune
> that LDN may help. So many of us who are hypothyroid have to beg and
> with our doctors to keep our thyroid levels above the extreme bottom
of the
> range. And if it will help Graves' and thyroid eye disease, that will be
> amazing.
> Best wishes,
> Nicole B.
> ________________________________

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