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Jumat, 11 Januari 2008

[Plagio] Re: Can mattress cause plagiocephaly?

It could sort of be true in that his head resting in the same position
on the mattress a lot the time means it won't grow in that direction.
However, even a softer mattress would be the same. It is more a
function of not varying the head position while he is sleeping, or
resting on other surfaces such as bouncy seat, swing, car seat...

My daughter also had brachy. In her case I think another big factor
was that hear head grew extra fast the first 6 mo (jumping from the
5oth percentile to the 90th). All that growth at a time when she was
on her head a lot was a problem. Especially since I didn't know to
vary the position of her head (and the ped didn't help when I asked
about her head at 2 mo and was told "don't worry").

Bottom line... I doubt it has much to do with this particular mattress.
sydney 2 yrs starband grad
--- In, "rcwkent2003" <rwyse@...> wrote:
> Hi, my son was helmeted about 4 weeks ago with brachy. My mom is
> confident that our Colgate firm mattress was the cause of his
> condition. Does anyone out there have any data on whether or not a
> firm mattress can cause or contribute to this issue? If you do,
> please let me know. Thanks

For more plagio info, go to
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