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Minggu, 20 Januari 2008

[Plagio] Re: Now I don't know what to do...'

Thanks everyone for your replys and support. It is a hard decision
for me, but it seems everyone here thinks we should band. I am going
to let my hubby read your replys. I do have the appointment with Dr
Vicari at Chicago Childrens Hospital next month, and we are waiting
for pre-cert from insurance and going on vacation at very end of
month anyone, so I figure waiting 2 more weeks wont be the end of the
world so I can get one more opinion and measurements from Dr Vicari.
I hope the insurance will pay for the second opinion (Childrens WI,
and now Childrens Chicago) I am assuming CT doesnt count against my
insurance cause their eval was free. I wonder if ANYONE has banded
and regretted it.. or not banded and had the asymmetry fix on its
own.... maybe I will post that question.

Oh, I tried to post pics and had trouble. I will try again tomorrow.
If they post it will be under Andrew J. :-)

Thank you all again SOOO much. I have such trouble with decisions


--- In, "Michelle" <Mitchandjim@...>
> I now have two contradicting opinions and I dont know what to do...
> We had our consult earlier in the week at CT and they said he
> was "mild to moderate" and she said if we didnt do the band he
> get better and it prob wouldnt be very noticable once he had hair.
> She recommended the band, but did seem on the fence about it. He
> the facial asymmetry, so that helped with her recommending the band.
> Then, yesterday, we went to Childrens in Milwaulkee WI and saw
> the Physicians Assistant in Dr Jensens office. She said he doesnt
> need a band. Not really even close. Said his head was off a little,
> but not bad at all and repositioning as well as stretches (for the
> torticollis he has or doesnt have depending on who you talk to)
> help it even out. I asked her about his eyes/ears asymmetry and she
> said its not that bad and that will get better too. She said the
> brain is growing and the head is still growing and moving. I told
> what Cranial Tech said, but she still said she doesnt think he
> it. Then again, she also said they only usually recommend
> banding/helmets for moderate to severe, and she said he is mild.
> So now I dont know what to do. CT already got the go ahead from
> Andrews pediatrician. Thats funny, cause he's the guy that each
> said it will take care of itself, dont worry, dont band. They faxed
> him the paperwork and had the prescription the next day. We havent
> even talked to him or seen him in a month..and I never told him we
> were going to CT. Wierd. Apparently the insurance will also cover
> it. They think at 100%. husband, my MIL, my Mom, the
> Chiropractor, the Osteopath and the Cranialfacial clinic in
> all say he doesnt need the band. The clinician CT "seemed" on the
> fence but said its prob still best, and I look at his head and
> his eyes and ears and can only pray that it would get better on its
> own. His head isnt the worst I guess, but his ears are off and his
> left eye is sligtly smaller looking and down/off to left more.
> Arrgghhh...
> So do I go against what most people think, or do I just trust it
> get better if so many say it will? Plus, he has mild torticollis,
> I have heard the weight of the band can make it worse.
> Here are the measurements I just got in the mail from CT:
> Cranial Width 123mm ~ mean
> Cranial Lenght 137mm ~ -2
> Cephalic Index 89.7 ~ +2
> Cranial Vault Asymmetry ~ 8mm
> Mid Face Asymmetry ~ 2mm
> Skull Base Asymmetry ~ 4mm
> And then at the bottom (fzR-euL)-(fzL-euR)= 6
> Not sure what that all means exactly, but what do you all think
> the banding. Especially since Childrens said dont. Andrew sees an
> Osteopath and Chiro (mentioned to you before I think). The Osteo
> Cranial Sacral manipulative Therapy on him. Gets the plates/bones
> his head moving the right way. I am wondering if the band would
> conteract or impede the work she would be doing by "holding" his
> a certain shape? She doesnt want him in a band either. Neither does
> the Chiropractor. Man, I feel like if I did band him I would be
> against almost everyone else. Maybe hes not that bad and I am just
> being paranoid. I have a really good eye for things that are off. I
> look at border in our house, or walls or pictures, and can tell if
> its off even slightly.
> We have an appointment I set up 2 weeks ago for an evaulation with
> Vicari at Childrens Glenview/Chicago. I was going to cancel, but
> maybe I will keep.
> So...what do you all think of his numbers? Should I band? Even with
> OSteo treatment?
> Sorry for the long long post.. I am just lost as to what I should
> at this point. Andrew is 7 1/2 months old. I know I need to decide
> soon.
> Thanks,
> MIchelle

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