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Kamis, 24 Januari 2008

Re: [ACWDYG ] Fasting?

We ALLOW ourselves to become angry primarily because it serves some purpose no matter how disfunctional it may be.. ie a pain not dealt with is a pain deal out, low self asteem, feels good to put someone down in front of a crowd in order to bolster one's own " worth ", wanting to control, angry because we don't get what we want, jealousy, false pride ~ the most disfunctional one of all and the most dangerous ~ greed.. We get angry when someone, something, occurance, situation does not line up with our EXPECTATIONS, expectations are dissapointments in waiting, which lead to resentment which in turn lead to anger [ mild irritation is anger ] and there is no justifiable resentment, it will end up hurting the ' carrier ' more that whatever it is aimed at, it's like taking poison hoping it will kill another, it will literally eat you up inside.. So you, this, that, he/she, made me angry is nonsensical, just aint gonna fly so let's take a look at why we ALLOW
ourselves to become angry, let's look at the motives behind it then we can start to change, if we have a mind to..
Love and myGgwy Ian S..

An absence of alternatives clears the mind marvellously

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From: nesa edward <>
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Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 4:10:19 AM
Subject: [ACWDYG ] Fasting?

Have anyone ever done a fast for what ever reason? On food , spending , etc. Have anyone ever done one on anger? Is anyone up for fasting a day or two agaiinst anger? I'm sure it will be a challenge but hey aren't we up for challenges.. If anyone is inteerested I would like to set up a day for us (those who want to .). to do a 1 or 2 day fast on anger.. making a concious effort to not engage in petty swabbles, deliberately hurting others, beating up on ourselves. But practice blocking others anger from effecting our day.. Also shutting down our own anger or sadness, placing it behind us ..Taking a deep breath and thinking of a better response when anger is present. If u do slipp and let anger thru .. not to hold on to it.. its good for u to acknowledge and regroup and continue the fast and not make urself feel worse..

We can began Monday 1/28/08 beginning upon waking til 1/29/08 upon falling sleep.. then we report our pros and cons the next day... Let me know.. Ness

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