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Rabu, 23 Januari 2008

Re: [childrensapraxianet] Re: Mercury Chelation

Hi, and thanks to everyone who answered my reply.
This sort of thing scares me, and I just wanted to get everyones point of view.
I promise you ilizzy my doctor will explain fully, I just like to be informed as well, and I want to make a good choice on this, I appreciate both sides to the issue

Julie - thank you for your long, considered reply. That was great introduction to Mercury Chelation and I am pleased it is going so well for you. I am assuming you are going to complete the rounds. Can I ask a couple of questions - how old was your daughter when you started, how did you deal with school etc, or was your child at home. I ask this as he is at school for 8 hours a day.

I just re-read your email and I just want to make this clear - you chelate through the night as well? When you say 'expect some irratibility, unpleasantness and lethargy' are you talking about your lack of continuous sleep or the childs?

Anyway - well done! Hats off, that is a fierce regime.


----- Original Message -----
From: ilizzy03
Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2008 7:29 AM
Subject: [childrensapraxianet] Re: Mercury Chelation

Please do not think I was suggesting diet chelates anything. What I
think my friend was getting at was that some of the folks she knew
did well with diet only because it allowed their body to release what
was stuck in the GI tract and allowed the gut/neuro system for lack
of a better phrase, to again function properly.

I am troubled that this dr. wants to chelate without explaining why
he thinks there is more to come, etc.

What does EDTA chelate?

--- In, julieobradovic@... wrote:
> There are many supposed forms of mercury chelation out there right
now, but only 3 things that actually, truly, scientifically work to
chelate mercury from the body.
> Those are the chemicals DMSA, DMPS, and ALA. That's it.
> Glutathione is not a chelator.
> Saunas are not chelators.
> Clay baths are not chelators.
> EDTA does not chelate mercury.
> Homeopathic remedies are not chelators.
> Granted, people have reported improvement using those things, but
they do not fit the official definition of what it means to be a
> There are different ideas about how to use the actual chelators.
Some doctors prefer transdermal creams and others dose it orally.
> All of them were designed to be taken orally. Unless your child is
truly unable to tolerate taking it orally, that's how they should be
> DMSA is available without prescription from It is FDA
approved for lead and mercury chelation.
> DMPS is available with prescription only. It is not FDA approved,
but is a powerful mercury chelator, even better than DMSA. It is not
FDA approved in the US, but is used in Japan and Germany.
> ALA is available at any supplement store, but hypoallergenic pills
are available from ALA may be used alone without
> ALA is the only chelator for sure to cross the blood brain barrier
and has to be used to clear mercury from the brain. Debate about DMSA
or DMPS getting into the brain or not continues.
> All chelators cause yeast overgrowth. You need a very good yeast
protocol, preferably with a prescription antifungal. Stay clear of
food that feeds yeast. Be aware that yeast can cause temporary
regression and ickiness. It can cause those problems when it is dying
as well.
> Dosing should be done in 1/8 mg to 1/4 mg per pound, aproximately
12.5 to 25 mg for a child. Give DMSA every 4 hours for 3 days. Give
ALA every 3 hours for 3 days. Give DMPS every 8 hours for 3 days. If
using DMSA and ALA together, do every 3-4 hours. Dosing does take
place at night.
> Take 4 to 11 days off inbetween.
> Supplement with appropriate minerals and vitamins during and
between chelating. (Usually high doses of zinc, calcium, vitamin C,
magnesium and molybdenum work well).
> Do not chelate when sick.
> If a child can't swallow a pill, open the capsule and empty it into
a tiny amount of juice.
> If a dose is missed, stop the round.
> A round is a 3 day period. It takes approximately 100 to 125 rounds
to get better, meaning 2-5 years.
> If this is followed properly, regression is minimal.
> Expect some mild irritability, lethargy, and unpleasantness when
first starting. Improvement should be seen within 10 rounds.
Improvement is slow but noticeable. There is a stall period for
several months (between 6 and 9 months approximately).
> For more information, read "Amalgam Illness" by Dr. Andrew Hall
Cutler, or join the Autism-Mercury yahoo group.
> We have recovered our daughter from Autism using this protocol and
are only on round 69.
> Julie
> -------------- Original message --------------
> From: "ilizzy03" <lizlaw@...>
> I would research the heck out of this. Yes, having bad things in
> body is bad but displacing them and not getting them out could be
> worse. (i.e. mercury stuck in the pancreas) I am not sure there is
> rule. I have not chelated but those I know who have know stories of
> recovery both with and without chelation. The tests are a guess but
> the dr should not be leaving it at that. Bottom line, if a kid is
> excreting something high that means it is coming out. More
> (to me anyway) would be what does a typical kid living in that area
> with that vaccine history excrete. Not sure it is possible to get
> exactly that but I believe I saw something on Stan Kurtz's site
> a range for typical vaccinated kid excretion. If a kid is a heavy
> excretor beyond typical the next move is looking to reduce what is
> going into the body via environmental and dietary supports and to
> assist what is coming out too fast via vitamin supports. Whether
> chelate or not, if it were me, I would not let a doc, DAN,
> or hybrid, do anything to my kid that I did not have an
> of, particularly something like this.
> As for the under 5 rule, I do not believe that is hard and fast.
> These children are all different which is why you want to know if
> allergies, autoimmune dysfunction, genetics, and/or environment got
> you to this place and you want to know as much as you can about
> did it and how you reduce future exposure and toxic recycling.
> --- In, "Starbunyip"
> <hongkong@> wrote:
> >
> > My 6 year old son starts Mercury Chelation next month. We have
> on the diet GFCF and supplements for four months with good results.
> The doctor wants me to come in and try chelation - he is still in
> normal range from his blood test, but he is high. The doctor thinks
> if we do further tests he will show high for Mercury.
> >
> > I am concerned about this as I know nothing about it. Forgive me
> and I don't mean to be offensive, but the little I have read does
> show great results after the age of 5. I can't get a grip on
> what chelation is - I would love to hear anyone's experiences on
> >
> > Lisa and Alex 6
> >
> > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
> >
> [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

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