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Selasa, 15 Januari 2008

Re: [depression-anxiety] Remember me?

hi michael
just going over old emails
i saw you wrote saying you are back.
welcome back.
i just wanted to see how you were feeling?
hope all is well man

michael1234567841 <> wrote:
I hung out here a year or so ago--I had a large tumor removed from my
brain back then and the aftermath screwed me up BIG TIME; (siezures,
severe deprssion, short term memory loss, headaches, emotional
outbreaks, etc) My personality (hard nosed New York) got me into some
trouble with a few folks who took exception to me *TELLING IT LIKE IT
IS* and *keeping it real*.

Well, Im back, and I hope you will have ME????? Rory? Julie? Is
Chris still around? SUE, Wisconson; Im sorry. Please forgive me?

I am sorry for my past sins against the group. I need help--I am
suffering from yet another bout with THE EVIL ILLNESS, depression, I am
also paranoid, part of the tumor they coulnt remove for fear of killing
me on the table IS GROWING--may need to go back under the knive.
ARRrrrGGgggggHHHHhhhhh! My siezures are back too. I want to die--its
that bad.

Please forgive me...


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