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Minggu, 20 Januari 2008

Re: [DFWBandsters] To: Gary who wishes he were suddenly feeling tight.

Elaine...I truly long for something drastic to happen like that to me, even though you think I should not wish for those things.

As of this minute I am back to ZERO restriction, I will have a nervous break-down before all this is over, I am no longer loosing and I can even guzzle water again.

I;m calling form an appt tomorrow in hopes of getting a fill this week....I do not know if that will help, the last one was gone in 3 days.....

I might have a hole in my band, at this point I just don't know, I will have the doc check me for leaks

Thanks for thinking of me


Elaine Erback <> wrote:
Dear Gary,

Be careful what you wish for...........

I never really felt restriction until now although I thought I did. I had a period of time of being filled then unfilled for some surgery/then a colonoscopy. I am really on my 3rd fill altogether even though I was emptied a couple of times. This one really works.

The only problem with being this tight is that anything I eat or drink (even warm liquids) gurgles. Strange sound and feeling.

Anyway, be careful......., lots of strange things happen on this adventure.


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