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Rabu, 23 Januari 2008

Re: [Supertraining] ACE Inhibitors

--- Maria Huntsman <> wrote:

> Hello Experts,
> Your expertise is needed regaridng ACE Inhibitors,
> specifically lisinopril and cycling anaerobically
> for a 46 year old male who is currently active,
> cycles 2-3 times per week mostly aerobically and
> weight trains but would like to do some anaerobic
> interval cycling.
> Any contraindications with this medication and
> exercising at higher heart rates in an interval
> fashion? Would this medication compromise his
> abiity to recover quickly from an interval? He is
> also taking lipitor.

Maria, the medications this patient uses (Lisinopril,
Lipitor) present no contraindications for anaerobic
work and if anything may improve this man's ability to
work harder. However there is a very important
caveat. The reasons he is taking these medications
are because he has hypertension and hypercholesterol
and therefore once presume that there is a certain
degree of atherosclerosis.

Not knowing this person's overall medical condition or
history it would be impossible for me to state that
increasing the intensity of his exercise is safe for
him (I am not saying it is unsafe).

I would at least recommend he get clearance from his
prescribing physician.

> I looked this class of drug up but I could not
> find any information on how it relates to exercise.
> Essentially, I know what it is and what it does I
> just am not sure how it will affect his goal of
> wanting to do anaeobic interval cycling. Any
> sites, articles, studies you can provide would be
> most appreciated. If anyone could provide an
> explanation of how this drug would affect exercising
> heart rates if at all, that would be great too. I
> would very much like to work with him but not until
> I can do the research.
> Thanks and I look forward to your input.
> Maria Huntsman
> Florida, USA

These drugs will not affect his heart rate. The only
class of blood pressure drugs which will affect heart
rate are beta blockers.

These are no longer considered first line in the
treatment of hypertension.
As for a website you might consider starting with

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask more questions.

Ralph Giarnella MD
Southington Ct USA

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