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Rabu, 16 Januari 2008

RE: [surfacehippy] New to group- Joi

Hi Sally,

Thanks for the info. I was on Dr. Pritchett's website and that is a doable
distance for me, although I'll likely still toss my cookies on the way home
(several times!). Vancouver is more like a 5 ½ - 6 hour one-way drive for me
and that's just too far. Dr Pritchett looks like a good one to try. I'll
have to locate the insurance coverage book we have somewhere and see if he's
in there. My FP will give me a referral for sure…she's great. Too bad she's
a Family Practitioner and not an OS. I know I'd prefer to not have a total
hip replacement. The resurfacing scared the snot outta me as it is! I've
never had a bone density test, but I'd bet that my bones are pretty darn
strong. There have been many times I should have broken something but


Gizmo, Max, Jazzy, Artemis, Maui, the GC and Painted breeders


Member of the Pyrrhura Breeders Association - Not just for breeders!
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Hi Joi,
You may be too young for a total replacement, but you
are too young to be in that much pain also (everyone
is). Which is why resurfacing was developed.

Candidates for hip resurfacing are those young enough
to outlive a standard replacement or who are really
attached to their femoral head. There are medical
requirements as well, having to do with bone integrity
and strength. Only an experienced doctor can evaluate
that for you. A lot can be determined from xrays so
sending yours to one of those who do email consults is
a good idea. Others have responded to your post with
information about that.

Bone on bone is usually determined by the lack of
joint space as seen on xrays. While you may have some
space between the joint, there may be spots that are
bone on bone and causing bad pain. There really isn't
an objective measure of when it is time to get the
joint fixed for most people. Some doctors want MRIs
and more tests before surgery, some go on the basis of
xrays. I only had xrays, no MRI or bone scans.

Dr. Pritchett in Seattle is just a couple of hours
from you, Dr. Sparling in Vancouver is farther, but he
is also experienced and would be a good choice if your
insurance doesn't cover Dr Pritchett. It is best to
leave insurance authorization for the surgery to the
doctor and his/her staff. You should be able to call
your insurance and find out if a doctor is covered on
your plan, and if you can self-refer to those doctors
who are covered. If the doctor you want to see is
covered, you simply call the office for an
appointment. You can also call the doctor and ask if
they are on your plan. Have your insurance card handy
when you call so you have plan information ready, the
same insurance company may have different coverage
depending on plan specifics. I was able to go to my
insurance web site and find out which doctors were
covered and then called his office to make an
appointment. His office staff requested (and got)
approval for the surgery. If you go to one of the out
of state doctors, your evaluation and surgery can be
set up remotely. Lots of people have done it and the
most experienced doctors will be experienced with long
distance patients as well.

I went to Dr. Sparling, who is two hours north of
where I live. The travel wasn't any problem, either
for pre and post op appointments or for the surgery.


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