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Kamis, 10 Januari 2008

[Supertraining] Re: Productive Discussions-Explosive Exercise is pointless

Finally, a breath of fresh air mixed with some common sense!

Thanks Rob.

Some of us are still waiting to see the peer reviewed studies that
refute Bruce_Low and Smiths contention that peer-reviewed studies do
not support explosive exercises as being more effective than
traditional slow and heavy weight training for enhancement of power
and athletic performance.

I'm especially interested because I've worked both sides of the
street, finding no difference in performance from my athletes when
the explosive routines were eliminated.
After using Olympic lifts from 1967 to 2003, I can attest to the
difficulty of removing some of these iconic lifts!

Barry Ross
Los Angeles, USA

John Casler writes:

Hi Barry,

You might want to re-read the "contentions" again. The bias and conclusions
of that paper are beyond questionable.

They are "not" supportive of "slow" training speeds for explosive and speed

You mention your experience with "athletes". What specific experience did
you find relevant? How did you conclude that using one over the other was
more successful?

What athletes and sports were these "case studies" in?


John Casler
TRI-VECTOR 3-D Force Systems
Century City, CA

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