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Selasa, 22 Januari 2008

[Supertraining] Re: Proprioceptive training

Hi Gary,

Here are the answers to your questions as best as I could get them.

Second surgery was Nov. 19th 2007
Non weight bearing on crutches for 7 weeks
Original injury was from sliding off a roof while trying to repair it from hurricane damage 2 years prior.
His formal pt consisted of 8 weeks of riding the stationary bike, light leg extensions, hamstring curls, multi hip exercises (flexion, ext, abd but no add) and flexibility
He has full knee flexion and about 2-5 degrees short of full extension without it being painful and the pain is about a 3 on a 1-10 scale. He has no pain when symmetric weight bearing. If I had to guess from watching him try to support his BW on the surgery leg I'd say it's not great. He can't do it without buckling and side flexing but he says it's not painful to do it. It's standing for long periods of time that end up giving him pain but he can't avoid it it's part of his job.
No joint swelling or effusion but can you clarify what you mena by effusion? According to the definition in Websters he says no.
His knee does not swell after a duration of weight bearing, although in 1981 as a college football player he had his knee drained biweekly.

Hope this helps. Thank you and to all who have posted to help me out with this.

Maria Huntsman
Florida, USA

garydiny <> wrote:

Could you provide more information regarding his second surgery?
How long ago?
How long was he Non-weigthbearing on crutches?
HOw long prior to surgery was his injury, resulting in ultimate need
for surgery?
What types of formal Physical Therapy/rehabilitation has he completed?
How is his surgical knee range of motion, both flexion and extension?
Does he have pain with either end range of motion flexion, end range
of motion extension, pain at any point throughout his range of motion?
Does he have pain with symmetric weight-bearing, 50/50 on each leg?
How much weight (percentage of body weight) can he support pain-free
on the surgical leg?
Does he still have any swelling or joint effusion from the surgery?
Does his knee swell after a duration of weight-bearing?

The answers to these questions will go a long way in determining if
the surgical knee is even capable of doing any of the things that
have been proposed thus far. Given the nature of the microfracture
procedure, his weight-bearing joint surface may not be ready to do
anything more than ROM type exercises. This type of suregery is a
multiple month-to year type of rehabilitation process (Amare
Stoudemire, Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Chris Webber, among others)

There is absolutely no need to rush into things that the joint itself
is not ready to handle.

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