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Selasa, 15 Januari 2008

[surfacehippy] Re: Back in the pipeline

Greetings Dave,
I'm pre-op in Albuquerque and looking for exercises. Can you or anyone
point me in the right direction? My assumption is this: just as the
Docs have post-0p exercises, they should be able to recommend a pre-op
course. And if the Docs are not up to this responsibility, surely there
is some collective wisdom out there that I and others can tap into, and
perhaps extend.
Also, regarding insurance, I hold a Preysbyterian card and fear that it
may not be a winning ticket. Their local Doc had yet to do resurf when
I met with him in mid-December. Has anyone advise?

--- In, "cape.dave" <dave@...> wrote:
> In October 2006, I was turned down by Aetna for a resurf with Dr.
> Gross (I live in Florida). It was the plan and not the company. I
> decided to wait until my company's open enrollment period and change
> to the plan which would cover out of network resurfacing. In the
> mean time, I kept some money set aside in case I needed to contact
> Dr. Bose and get it done sooner. I had xrays taken about 6 months
> ago and there was no further deterioration.
> My insurance is now switched and I'll be getting new xrays to send
> off to Dr. Gross and start the ball rolling again. I hope to be out
> backpacking and rock climbing again in 6 to 12 months :)
> My local Doc, who had only done 20 resurfs at the time, is now well
> over 100. I'll still make the trip to see Dr. Gross as I believe
> that will provide me with the best chance of waking up with a resurf.
> I've continued to read the posts here and I'd like to thank you
> folks for continuing to provide such wonderful and detailed
> information--otherwise I might have caved and got a THR just to get
> rid of the pain. At least now, even if I end up with a THR--I'll at
> least have done everything I could and I can live with that. With
> the info posted here and the ancillary sites, I was able to change
> my diet and learn how to excersize correctly, in and out of a pool,
> I even bought a 'ballet bar'--that took most of the pain away and
> allowed me to wait it out. I cut my Ibuprophen intake from 3600mg
> per day to 200mg per week.
> A few people post things that try to detract from the emperical
> knowledge you folks post here--I've chosen to ignore it for the last
> year or so and I want you to know that I am grateful for your help
> and I hope you continue.
> It helped me and it will likely help others.
> Dave in the Cape

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