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Rabu, 16 Januari 2008

[surfacehippy] Re: Hello From New Jersey

Hi Jan,
I live in central NJ--where are you? I had my left hip resurfaced by
Dr. Mont in Baltimore. He is very familiar with AVN cases--I would
call him an AVN expert but don't like to through that term around
loosely. You might want to contact him too. I believe he will look
at your films free of charge if you send them to him, either email
or regular mail. If you need any more info, drop me an email--I'm
happy to help.
Best of luck with both your hip and other health concerns.
Allison LeftC+ Mont Jan5/05

- In, "pretisinglelady"
<pretisinglelady@...> wrote:
> HI!
> My name is JAN and I was on here quit a while ago, and I am
back:) I
> have been told I need my left hip replaced and I am 57 years old
> active, but I developed some other medical issues I don't want to
> into that are getting resolved that prevented me from being able
> have surgery for a while and have a history of cancer, so this has
> been an involved situation. But, if I have good news next week
> some additional medical testing, I am preparing to find a place to
> have hip resurfacing. I have been in contact with Vicky, and you
> will see a recent posting last night she put up here where there
is a
> segment of a TV show called Retirement Living where it gave a 40
> minute talk about medical tourism and tracked a man that went out
> the country to have his hip replaced! I am doing my homework
> where to have it done, when I am able with my health to have it
> and would like to know more about Dr. Gross in South Carolina. I
> have questions about where the surgery is done, at one facility,
> what his success background is and the accrediation of the
> where you would have the surgery performed.
> This has been frustrating for me because while starting to go to
> doctors and getting opinions about my hip, I became sick. So, I
> had to deal with my hip and also getting better with being sick.
> But, going to the doctors in Philadelphia about my hip got me no
> where except frustrated! They can't even agree on if I really
> avascular necrosis. Two doctors say I do, one doctor says I
> but he won't put it in writing, and my family doctor is even
> suspicious because I have made out so well with exercise helping
> But, as much as exercise and keeping moving helps me, it is not
> enought. Walking is not a luxury:)LOL if you know what I mean!!!
> would love to hear about experiences with Dr. Gross and other
> I am OPEN when the time comes, and doing my homework!!! My
> company won't pay for this surgery and I am tired of fighting the
> system and now it's time for ME to become my best advocate. Hope
> hear from you all. Take care:)

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