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Rabu, 16 Januari 2008

[surfacehippy] Re: Iron

1. The average person in the US has huge stores of iron in the
liver. Iron deficiency anemia is relatively uncommon except in
those with chronic blood loss. This may be due to GI bleeding,
(Ulcers, Esophagitis, hemmorhoids, etc), but in pre-menopausal
women, menstrual blood loss may be significant.
There are many other causes of anemia.

2. If your pre-op hemoglobin (sometimes measured as hematocrit)
levels are normal, dietary iron intake will not raise the value.
A number of years ago Dr. Gross was prescribing "Procrit", but most
insurance will not pay for it. In addition, it can be dangerous to
raise normal hemoglobin levels. If you live in a high altitude (low
oxygen) environment), you will have higher hemoglobin levels than

3. Most patients experience relatively little blood loss during this
surgery. many surgeons do not prescribe any iron, unless you have
pre-donated units of blood. This also vays among surgeons.

4. The immediate post op hemoglobin/hematocrit lab values often
reflect the FLUID gain or loss during surgery. If they put in too
much IV fluid, you are hemodiluted & the hemoglobin values will be
low. They will return to normal as you pee out the excess fluid.
This might take 24 hours after the I.V. is discontinued. This over
hydration is more common than you might think.

Your hemoglobin level will seem high if you fall behind on fluid
during surgery. This is much less common.

In most cases, it is completely un-necessary to worry about dietary
iron if you were normal pre-op.

Michael (MD in NC) (L) C+ 3/31/03

--- In, "hipredue" <todutch@...> wrote:
> Good Day Vicky,

> >spinach smoothies
> I never tried anything like that before but I just bought a
> a raw cookbook and a detox cookbook. I'm ready to try something
> new.
> My BBQ pit and smokers will now share time with my blender and
> shakes.
> William of Florida
> Scheduled for 02/20/08 LBiomet uncemented Gross/Webb
> --- In, "vicky4vi" <vickymm@> wrote:
> >
> > A nice big juicy steak and lots of spinach. :-) I made spinach
> > smoothies, I know it sounds gross but you can not taste the
> > at all, I promise you. I used a cup of nonfat organic milk, a
> > banana, some frozen blueberrries, two cups of organic fresh
> > and a carrot, some flax seed and blended it all up. Very
> and
> > even though it is green, you really can NOT taste the spinach.
> > it.
> >
> > Vicky
> > LBHR Dr. Bose Dec 01 05

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