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Jumat, 11 Januari 2008

[surfacehippy] Re: metal allergi dr Smet

As one recently back from the Villa I can appreciate just where you are! It is really fun to
read posts from people who are having the same WONDERFUL experience we had. Please
say hi to Sandra and Hugo in the kitchen (and Chef Michael) and tell them that we think of
them with great fondness. Of course the same to Koen, Gaetana, Hugo the manager and
Igor....Welcome to the other side. It just gets better from here on....
rod and wendy
rod: LBHR De Smet 12/18/07
> Hello from David and Melody in Belgium. We got back to the Villa from
> the hospital today and had our first session in the pool this
> afternoon. Both feeling good.
> David will probably post here tomorrow but I just wanted to comment
> on the metal allergy post. I am skin sensitive to nickel and so this
> has been of some concern to me.
> After discuusing metal allergy with Dr De Smet on Tuesday he fitted
> me with a Conserve Plus A Series device when he operated the
> following morning. He says that this has been
> found to release fewer metal ions and therefore should hopefully be
> less likely to cause an allergic reaction.
> The downside is that it is relatively new (2 years I think) so there
> are no real statistics on it, and I understand that he couldn't fit
> it if there is an insurance company involved.
> He told me that all the allergic (or suspected allergic) reactions he
> has come across have been with Birmingham devices.
> I'll record more of my experiences when I'm less tired but it is
> great to be on the other side. Whoopeee!
> I can now do the smart sign off thing.
> Melody
> RHR De Smet 9/1/08 (9 Jan for you Americans)

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