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Selasa, 15 Januari 2008

[surfacehippy] Re: Swelling normal after surgery?

8 Days post op Bilateral and I still have some swelling. It goes
away after I lie down but comes back when I am on my feet. Dr
Schmalzried did not have me wear anything and I am 44 year old male
in good shape, that sweling seems like it will be short lived

I am excited about the hips but it is strange to walk on the new ASR
hips - feel like the bionic man - I suppose that is to be expected -
I was able to extend the time on my stationary bike and feel I need
to get my heart pumping a bit to get that circulation going

Went into the office for a little while today and my internal systems
seems to be working better, still a little sweats at night trying to
kick all those drugs, off the pain killers since 3 days or so and am
looking forward to a real good nights sleep. Sick of crutches and
don't really need them, drove today

My buddies cringe when they see the two gnarly gashes,,

Thanks all for their input

Bilater 1/7/08
Dr Schmalzried

--- In, "sumieber" <sumieber@...> wrote:
> --- In, "lobergolf" <chris.loberg@>
> >
> > I'm 6 days post op. All seems to be going well. I'm planning to
call Dr's office today since
> I
> > noticed that the swelling in the lower thigh area of my operated
side is still a little high.
> And
> > I'm still getting some drainage from the wound in the drain area.
> >
> I can't saw anything about how much swelling is normal, and think
it's always a good idea
> to call you doctor if something doesn't feel right.
> I had some swelling for a week or so, and even now my left butt is
slighlty larger and
> harder than the right. De Smet encouraged us not to sit for too
long, he said that was the
> worst for swelling, but also not to do too much of anything, long
walks etc. Many short
> walks with rests between, and that's what I did, raising my feet
above my heart and
> applying ice after every round of exercise.
> Sumati
> De Smet LBHR 12/19/07

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