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Minggu, 20 Januari 2008

[ACWDYG ] Re: How do you stay on course to your goals?

I am ADHD with an entire family that is either ADD or ADHD. I do NOT
plan long term goals for myself, per se, as most people would,
because I know I will set myself up for failure. What I do, is set
short term steps and break the long term goal down into parts and
accomplish each part or section as I see fit. Sometimes I end up
changing the goal or something else diverts it for me into another
route. Either way, I accomplish what I set out to...HOWEVER, IN THE

What I have found out is that no matter what you set out for as long
term goals, dreams, plans, and hopes, circumstances or others can
often change in spite of your goals and sometimes at no fault of your
own. I make efforts to just "roll with the flow" and always have a
back up plan of A, B or C.

The older I get the less concerned I am in meeting someone else's
goals or desires and more interested in doing my own thing with the
time I have left in this world. I am not trying to impress anyone or
any job so I set my goals a bit more carefully and yet a bit more
relaxed than I used to.

I have accomplished many things I wanted to in this world and though
some did not remain with me for as long as I would like, I found that
circumstances often created a different path for my dream or goal and
it has been a challenge at times following along or sometimes it was
a relief or even fun.

I wish I could be more helpful. Other than to just break it down into
attainable sections of the long term goal, I am not sure of what I
could say to help. I gave up focusing on problems that were a result
of ADD/ADHD along time ago and just look for coping methods instead.


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