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Rabu, 23 Januari 2008

[childrensapraxianet] Reading fluency testing questions in re: to apraxia

I have just had a therapist do an extensive evaluation on our 6.9
year old son. He did not qualify for public school speech services
after the school gave him one vocab test. I felt that he was still
struggling some so I sought a recommended private SLP to do more

I don't have all the results of the tests yet but she did tell me
quickly that along with auditory processing issues his fluency was
very low. She said that his phonemic and phonological awareness were
both slightly above average but his fluency was 2%. I asked how that
was tested and she said that the test has the child (because he's
under 7) "read" colors. They determine that the child knows all the
colors in the test and then there are lines of colored squares that
the child must read. My question to her and to this community is
wouldn't his having apraxia affect his ability to say the
colors/words out loud? I struggled with this with his K teacher.
She would continually test him verbally and the test would be
skewed. Is anyone familiar with the above testing? The therapist is
a licenced SLP and she has other degrees behind her. I would assume
that she would know how apraxia would affect fluency? She did
tell me that he tests as having a moderate to severe communication
impairment and she was shocked that the school never picked up on the
processing issues. She told me she was embarrassed that someone in
her profession would release him from services.

She also told me that he tested differently than any child she has
ever seen. I guess he would answer several question incorrectly and
then just before the test would ceiling out, he would get one right.
She said he kept doing that until he went well above his age group.
She said it's almost like his processing or what ever would be there,
then drop off, then come back in. She said she's never seen anything
like it before.

I'd love to hear from others who have gone this route. I am home
schooling so I don't have to push right now and the therapist has
asked me to stop teaching him to read until we can develop a specific
program to fit his needs. I'd just like to hear from others on how
apraxia affects reading fluency. I guess I'm more concerned that he
will be able to read silently and comprehend what he is reading more
than I'm worried about his ability to read out loud. Does that sound

Sorry for rambling. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around moderate
to severe communication impairment, processing issues and a 2%
fluency test. I KNOW that people said apraxia is NEVER alone, that
other issues would surface. It just feels so damn defeating when you
think things are going better and then a test shows big huge holes.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you feel that this is a
better topic for off list please email me at

All the best,
Sarah McCann

New book on late talking!

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