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Rabu, 23 Januari 2008

[DailyPowerWords] (unknown)

"The refuge from completing oneself is
to exist in extremes.
Why insist that you are one thing
and not also another?
Those who defend themselves unite with
images they deem good and repress what they consider bad or negative.
Joy comes from uniting opposites. Are you both sad and happy,
competent and a fool? Answer Yes and the full range of life is open
to you. Answer No and what you deny will rise up and swallow you,
then spit you out".


Today's word poses one of the biggest challenges; it calls upon us to
be completely truthful. The biggest deceptions are usually the ones
we place upon ourselves. Every time we convince ourselves we are not
worthy, attractive, capable, etc. we become the great deceivers of
ourUniverse. When we judge others, without also acknowledging our
own weaknesses, we do a great disservice to all people.

Focusing attention and directing our energy primarily to our
perceived weaknesses keeps us repressed. Honesty means acceptance of
all aspects of our being, combined with compassion, and dedication to
learn more and reach higher. Acknowledging problems doesn't make it
necessary to become a victim to them.

Remember that often those who are known as "brutally honest"
enjoy the brutality much more than the honesty. Look at yourself and
others through the eyes of truth - with integrity and compassion,
releasing smallness and judgment.

Today's Exercise:

Think of an aspect of your life where you tend to be overly
self-critical. What have you told yourself about the situation? Step
back and observe this situation with more objectivity. Have
you been truly honest with yourself?

If you are feeling blocked or negative, the answer is no you haven't.
Sometimes we use criticism as an excuse to not try our hardest, or to
not make changes. Be compassionately honest with yourself and move
forward with a new sense of clarity, and willingness to reach higher.

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