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Sabtu, 19 Januari 2008

[DFWBandsters] Re: Here I go again

Thanks for understanding but I am still jealous that you are down to

Sandy, I am jealous that you have keept most your weight off for so long. I
have never done that yet. Normally, I lost then started to gain slow at first
then faster then more than I had lost. So jealously goes two ways! I am
actually more afraid of this part of the journey than I was of the WLS and the fear
of not losing weight even with the WLS.

I just hope it is not a big challenge changing gears and drifting into
maintenance. I am one who can do well while following a regiment. My doc suggested
that I add a 100 - 200 calories into my day and see what happens. He says I
should be able to eat 1700 calories even if sedentary! I told him NO WAY will
shoot for 1300 - 1400! We will see soon. I know I have to eventually realize this
is a lifetime way of eating and maybe by then I will have practiced it long
enough to keep close or near my maintenance level without too much trouble. But
I love to graze and I love my sweets, so I know I will always have to be
conscious of what my head wants!


Paula in FL

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