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Jumat, 11 Januari 2008

[lowdosenaltrexone] How to stop messages to your inbox from this group

Message Delivery Preferences

1. Stopping the emails from this list:

Delivery Method of Messages

If you would like to change the delivery method of your messages for
any reason please go to home page of the list and login with username
and password then click EDIT MEMBERSHIP. There are several methods of
message delivery to choose from.

A. Web based-you will go to home page of list and read messages at
your will-nothing will be emailed to you-a great solution for those
who want to remain on list but not get daily emails.

B. Digest-posts will be sent to you in email form but with a quantity
of posts all listed in one email. If you choose this form and would
like to reply to a message, PLEASE change the subject heading of your
reply AND delete all the other posts from the email as a courtesy and
time saver for listmates. These digest emails are generally sent 1-2
times a day.

C. Individual Emails-all posts will be sent in real time to your email
account on file. Yahoo is automatically set up in this mode when you
register. "YOU" must make the preference change yourself or all posts
and replies will come to your personal email inbox and clog it up, so
if you do not want this delivery method please change your preferences.

4. Leaving the List/Unsubscribing

If you would like to leave the list/cancel membership at any time,
please go to the home page of the list and login with username and
password and click Edit Membership, It will have a link to LEAVE GROUP.

If you are going on vacation or will
otherwise need to stop emails temporarily, you can also go to "Edit
Membership" to change your settings to "No Mail." This is a lot easier
unsubscribing and re-subscribing when you return.

2. How to change your email address:

A. Go to home page of list and if you
haven't already, sign in with username and password to Yahoo!

B. Select "Edit Membership."

C. Select "Add New Email Address." Enter the new email address and
then hit
continue. Be sure to click save your changes.

D. Follow the instructions for email verification.

NOTE: On each of these changes, please be sure to click SAVE CHANGES
at the bottom of page!

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