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Minggu, 20 Januari 2008

[Plagio] Torticollis after helmet?

Hello, My son Ethan wore a Starband for 3 months for brachycephaly. He
always hated tummy time and refused to crawl. He does an adorable butt
scoot to get around. Now that he's started walking I posted video for
my family and my sister-in-law who's a PT said she thinks he has tort
issues. We never noticed him being "jammed up" or "crooked" before but
you can really tell now that he's walking. His flatness was more so on
his left side but we were never told that he could have tort. How do
they evaluate tort? Does anybody have an active 1+ old that they have
to do exercises/stretches with? I'm concerned that he's going to be
very resistant to any kind of "treatment". Assuming he even needs it
at this point but I'm pretty sure he does. If there's anything my
palgio experience has taught me it's trust your mommy instincts!
Thanks, Carrie Wilmington, MA

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