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Rabu, 09 Januari 2008

[Plagio] Wild and Crazy Heat Rash

My seven month old daughter, Gracie, has been in her Hanger helmet for
two months. The first month she had no red marks, and I thought the
process was going to be "smooth sailin'". For the last month, though,
she has developed a heat rash in various places (mostly the holding
spots) on her head. I am getting pretty discouraged because she was
making alot of progress in the beginning, and I don't want to lose
ground, or give up, because of a rash. Obviously, she is not wearing
the helmet during flare ups (which is most of the time right now).
Hanger is working with us to do whatever can be done.

I am wondering if anyone else (no matter what type of band) has
experienced severe heat rash. When I say severe, I mean a bubbly,
oozy, itchy, and all around yucky mess (sorry to be so graphic). My
pediatrician said Gracie's head needs to "breathe" more. We have been
using methods to help it heal, but it comes right back.

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