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Kamis, 24 Januari 2008

Re: [depression-anxiety] Can't pay attention to other people

Hello KT,

your description of the action of strattera is a good hint
where to search.
There must be a reason for narcolepsy and it cannot be cured by a quick dopamin release caused by a med.

A friend of mine had the same problem. He had been 67 developing
diabetes. Meds like methformin did not help. The glucose level in
blood had been 150 to 300 mg but not normal. But they gave him
a test equipment. After a year he developed narcolepsy.
I told him that he needed to stop being overweighted because he has
a big belly but he did not. I suggested that doctor should inject insulin
as a one time shot only for the reason that sugar level should come down
from 200-250 to 150 but his doctor did not and many meds gave no result.

After a year of treatment without any success doctor ordered insulin injections daily. To my astonishment narcolepsy vanished and blood sugar had been normal.

If you ever looked up articles from naturopathy about ADH you will find
suggestions like stopping sugar intake as well as stopping fast food.
The reason is that insulin and glucogen are stress hormones which may
be produced as a response to sugar in an overshooting way.

I suggest to lend a test equipment from your doctor and make a day
profile on blood sugar which means you have to measure blood sugar minimum 5 time a day before eating and 2 hours after meal.
Please measure also blood pressure in addition only for the sake to be sure that there is no second reason for trouble which has to be taken into account. High bp can cause anxiety and would also be a very good reason to change food.
I suggest also a general blood control which gives answers if cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and haematokrit are in range or not. It is a simple standard blood test which can be done by every doctor and it it gives answers if you can afford to eat meat or heated fats or if you have to stop this kind of food. ADH is a good reason and depression also for considering a radical
change in food. Heated fats and proteines from animals as well as sugar
are keeping depression alive.


> Hi everyone
> This may be more of an ADHD deal but somehow it dovetails in why I
> feel miserable and have come home tired and tended to sleep at odd
> hours or for a long time.
> I have difficulty paying attention to others at work. I either forget
> or listen to only part or only the tail end of the conversation. I
> get made fun of (not seriously but they tell me that they told me
> something I wasn't listening to) and today when I left home I wanted
> to get the heck out of the shop. I wanted to cry but was too tired.
> I've been on Zoloft and am trying to come off Buspar. I feel I am in
> a fog. I am also on Cardura for my prostate (was on Flomax for a
> month). I am trying to straighten out my life and find something I
> love to do for a career but this situation with not paying attention
> is not helping me. I am prone to anxiety as well.
> I went to a doctor two years ago or more and he said I have an active
> mind and that I don't have ADHD. A counselor I saw ten years ago
> said I didn't have ADHD. So what could it be? When in heck is
> an "active mind" listed as an official diagnosis?
> If I could control my mind with medication I would. I took Strattera
> (for falling asleep on the road) but the Strattera made me sleepy and
> irritable to the point I could not function at work.
> I can understand if you dislike my getting a little off the
> depression path but again it seems there is a cart and horse
> relationship.
> KT

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