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Kamis, 24 Januari 2008

Re: [NaturalHorseandPetCare] tooth care for jack russel

My holistic vet recommends a raw food diet and my cats are on that, except for my 18 yr. terrier mix dog. We got Heidi (dog) at age 10 and she had been quite neglected and fed just cheap, cheap dog food. Had really bad teeth. For a period of time we were able to give her raw chicken necks (twice a week) and then a raw knuckle bone once a week. Knawing on these bones helped clean the tarter off the various areas of the teeth. Eventually, as she aged she is no longer able to chew these bones, so we were stuck with the cleaning process. I know it sounds weird, but she was able to eat these chicken necks without choking and her body did process them. If you decide to try this, use only organic as you would be feeding raw meat. Good luck
valstupendo <> wrote: Does anyone know of a natural way at home to reverse the tartar on
your dogs teeth? We have a 9 year old Jack Russel, and we try not to
take her to the vet unless extremely necessary... we've been brushing
her teeth periodically with baking soda, but unfortunately we didn't
start until she already had some tartar damage. It seems to be
controlling NEW tartar buildup, but I wonder if anyone knows of any
other things we can do to help reverse the tartar that is already
there? She likes to chew tennis balls and the occasional denta-stick,
but that's all she'll chew on. I've seen some toys meant to help
clean dog's teeth, but she won't touch them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks all!

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