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Sabtu, 26 Januari 2008

RE: [DFWBandsters] Maybe it just doesn't work for everyone! Just my opinion!

Hi Suzie,

You are 100 % right, the band does not work for everyone, this morning I
started with a chocolate mousse dessert for breakfast and just finished a
second dessert called a Bandoffy, the most addictive stuff I have had in
years. I gained 3 kg's in the last 6 months (7.2 pounds) and during the week
I only eat in the morning.

But just maybe you and I are looking at the wrong side of the coin, remember
how the cabbage soup diet made your friends lose weight yet you gained, or
what about phen-phen, geez that stuff nearly killed me. Let's take a
different approach, ask yourself how much weight would you have gained if
you did not have the band - a mere 3 pounds in such a long time is minute in
comparison with what you could have gained.

You had steroid injections, I am no medical Doctor but the last time I
checked Body Builders were using steroids for sport enhancement and bulking.
Bring cortisone close to me and I turn into a balloon, my dog (bad example)
had a bunch of steroid injections last month due to a lung injury and he
developed a appetite which exceeds mine. His a Chihuahua - starting to look
like a Great Dane.

There is a BIG missing ingredient in your story, your support system is not
there, the Doctor does not do your fills, the staff could care two bits
about your restriction and yes like you , I would also be damn annoyed. At
my highest weight 174 kgs , I saw three different dieticians and then one
day I walked into a office of a anorecsic dietician, she understood me,
supported my weight efforts and boosted my self confidence.

Yes I have gained weight, Yes 2007 was a horror of a year but NO I am not
going to blame the band instead I am going back to my support system, take
responsibility by doing a barium examination to make sure the band is still
doing it's thing, and I am going to lose some weight. Maybe only 3 pounds
but heck it's a lot better than gaining.

I wish you luck in your band journey, it is slow, it does require patience
but most of all I think it needs support. Make the move away from your
Doctor, to someone who will be able to share your frustration, advice you on
the effects medicine will have on weight gain and free you from the diet

I am going to get off my "soap box" now, but I believe in you, and I am sure
many others will as well. Make the changes, be honest with the new Doctor
remember if live hands you a lemon - make Lemon juice.

I hope to share your success stories soon


From: [] On
Behalf Of susieryan
Sent: 26 January 2008 08:21 AM
Subject: [DFWBandsters] Maybe it just doesn't work for everyone! Just my

I am convinced at this point that the band just doesn't work for
everyone. I have had mine for 9 months now and went back for my
second fill on Jan 14th to discover that I had in fact gained 3
pounds instead of losing anything. I am getting four protein shakes
down a day plus 3 oz of lean chicken or fish daily. I eat slowly,
don't drink when I eat, and don't eat any sweets or fat filled
items. I try to exercise as much as I can, but am limited due to an
auto accident several months ago. I have had 11 steroid shots due to
the accident in my neck, so maybe that is making me gain the weight,
but I don't know. I wouldn't know what restriction is, as I have
never felt it at all. I understand that the band is a useful tool
for some, but personally I don't think it works properly for
everyone who gets it. I am not impressed with my doctor either as he
seems so overloaded with patients, he doesn't even remember why you
are there from one time to the next. If more doctors could take the
time to listen and understand their patients, instead of worrying
about the $ it would be a better world. Most of the time my doc
doesn't do the fills, rather his staff does and I am not sure that
they are even trained properly to do them correctly, they hardly say
a word before, during and after the fill, instead they treat you
like a number instead of a person. I am considering having the band
removed as I really don't see the point in keeping it. I am sure
some of you would see this as failure on my part but I'm eating
properly and following the bandster diet to a "T" but as I said I
just really think that the lap band doesn't work for everyone. At
the last fill I was talking to two ladies who also had the band at
one time and it failed for them also so they had their bands removed
and had the gastric sleeve surgery. I don't think I will go have
that done but it showed me that the band doesn't work for everyone.

Susie R.

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A hapy Bandster is a successful loser.
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