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Sabtu, 26 Januari 2008

Re: [Plagio] Another introduction

Welcome Katrin!
Feel free to post pics - we love seeing new babies!!!
When you go for the eval they will take measurements and possibly pics to figure out his degrees if severity.

What to look for in the ins is if they cover DME (durable medical equipment) or P&O (prostetics and orthotics)
I don;t know anything about Blue Cross - sorry!!!

Jen and Luli - 24 months
Left tort - Right Plagio - Hanger Band Grad - CA

-----Original Message-----
From: Katrin <>
Sent: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 2:27 pm
Subject: [Plagio] Another introduction

Hello everyone,
My name is Kat and I have 2 kids, Hannah who is 6 and Elijah who just
turned 5 months old on Monday.

Elijah's head and neck became a concern during his last pedi visit at
4 months. I actually noticed that he was only turning his head to one
side for a while but thought that he just needed to develop his neck
muscles more.

Long story short, Elijah's head is flat on one side. It is actually
hard to tell because of all of his hair!!!

We got a referral to a pediatric neurosurgeon at Connecticut Childrens
Hospital but of course have to wait a month. Now we will go February 12th.

I met Sarah, one of the moderators on a photo board we frequent and
she got me here and also suggested that I call CT for a free evaluation.

I am taking Elijah in Monday morning to see whether or not I am seeing
things correctly.

Of course now I am reading up on the horrors of insurance companies. I
have no idea whether or not this will be covered, and don;t quite know
what I will do if it is not covered. I have Blue Cross of CT.

I look forward to gaining more information and will let you know how
Elijah does.

Can anyone tell me what I can expect during the eval?

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