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Sabtu, 26 Januari 2008

Re: [Plagio] corrective surgery

Welcome Deepa!
I am so sorry your daughter did not get the care she needed when she needed it.
I have not heard of surgery for plagio - there is an Older Plagio board here on yahoo - they maybe able to help you.
Does your daughter have tort? I ask because that can be a cause of plagio and I know there are moms from canada on the torticollis board.
Also, loo thu the archives here and see if there are any resources about Canada - I am sure there are.
Have you seen a craniofacial dr yet?  That is they kind of dr I think could really answer alot of your questions - though you may get the same old it will get better on it own answers.  Choosing the right dr is key.
I have heard of moms from Canada coming to the US to get treatment when they felt they had exhausted thier options at home - maybe that could be an option for you? There is a craniofacial dr named Dr. Fearon in Dallas at the Craniofacial center there who you can email pics and your story to and he will give you his tips and if he thinks he can help.  Here's his email -


Jen and Luli - 24 months
Left tort - Right Plagio - Hanger Band Grad - CA

-----Original Message-----
From: Ritesh Shah <>
Sent: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 5:31 pm
Subject: [Plagio] corrective surgery

I live in Canada and have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. We got
extremely bad advice in her first months of life and were told this
would 'mold out' on it's own and that a helmet was not needed. It
improved a bit but you look at your child every day and don't notice
the subtle facial changes occurring.

I looked at pictures of her and notice she has the typical changes,
forehead and cheek prominence on one side and facial flattening and
recessed eye on the other side.

went to see a craniofacial surgeon at sick kids in toronto, canada
and was told, this is mild, nothing to do.

I can't leave her with self esteem issues due to this facial
assymetry. I am filled with guilt about not demanding the helmet and
just trusting the 'experts'.

Is there anyone who has had reconstructive surgery for their child's
facial assymetry and if so, when did you do it (what age) and where
did you go? Is there anyone in Canada who knows a doctor that will
do this. I am thinking I will have to go to the US if the surgeon
here already said no. Please advise about US surgeons and who is
good and also, if anyone has any idea about cost.

I appreciate any help and advice.


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