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Rabu, 09 Januari 2008

Re: [Supertraining] Negative Only - Eccentric Training

Ed White writes,

"I am very busy and experimenting with ways to develop maximum muscle mass
and strength with the least amount of training time. I am not a power-lifter -
so demonstrating strength is not part of the issue. ----------------

Now I am ready to experiment with negative only (eccentric training). Does
anyone in our group have experience with this type of training. Any advice would
be appreciated.---------"


Greetings. I have used and researched about a cogillion different eccentric
protocols. In general I believe that max eccentrics are to be used judiciously.
Sub max eccentrics are another matter.

Many years ago I came up with an eccentrics protocol you and many others will
find interesting. With this protocol you can train safely within your own
limits and WITHOUT a spotter. The system can be used for multi-joint and single
joint movements – and, with practice, the athlete can reach eccentric and
concentric failure at the same time.

Seems impossible eh? The easiest example is the dumbbell bench press and fly.
For instance, using a 6-8 rep weight, one would press the dumbbells up and
lower them in a dumbbell fly – its as simple as that. When you try these make
sure the fly is not much wider than the press or you'll tear your arms off! Also
do not lower them in as wide a position as you safely can -- which equates to
a max eccentric and a 75-85% concentric. Every muscle group can be addressed
using this principal.

In effect you are changing the leverage to increase or decrease the
resistance. Think of a teeter toter. A 250 lb. father can teeter toter with his 50 lb.
daughter by changing the leverage – that is he sits nearer the fulcrum/pivot
point than his daughter. Grade school kids understand this concept immediately.
Anyone who thinks a 50 kilo weight equals 50 kilo's of resistance is

Easy to write about examples include;
• hamstring/glutes: perform a concentric deadlift and a Rumanian eccentric.
• quadriceps: perform an eccentric sissy squat and concentric front squat, or
even simpler -- on the leg press, with the feet high on the push plate,
perform a concentric leg press pushing through the heels with the heels down and an
eccentric with the heels up.
• lats/traps: perform a concentric dumbbell row by rowing the weight up so
that the dumbbell remains directly beneath the shoulder – then let the dumbbell
swing out so it is under the elbow for the eccentric rep. This takes some
•Lateral delts. On an incline bench, set at about 45°, do a concentric
dumbbell side lateral with the elbow bent to 90° and an eccentric with the elbow
almost straight.

The rest of the body parts are harder to describe.

If 2 extremely strong and loyal spotters are handy and using a weight equal
to any rep range desired(1-10), lift the weight up without assistance then
have your partners add about 20% weight (not manual resistance) for the
eccentric. Upon lowering the weight under control pause at the bottom then have your
partners remove the weight at the and continue as per protocol. Make sure you
take at least 2 FULL seconds to lower the weight at an even pace -- with at
least a FULL second pause at the bottom. The concentric can be exploded up if you
have enough experience.

With either protocol do not use a rapid E-I-C
(Eccentric-Isometric-Concentric) transition. That's another concept altogether.

Let us know.

Jerry Telle
Lakewood CO USA

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