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Rabu, 09 Januari 2008

[Supertraining] Use of Tabata Protocal for Anaerobic Field Testing

I work with quite a few endurance athletes/participants in the areas
backpacking, mountaineering, trail running, mountain biking and
paddling. I've been integrating more Tabata training protocol intervals
(8 cycles of 20 seconds hard followed by 10 seconds recovery) in their
training lately on cardio machines like the Versaclimber, Jacobs Ladder
and Rowing Ergometer. Each time the person does the training protocol
(2-4 times per week) I have them record the total distance traveled
during the Tabata period. I try to have them increase this distance
travel from successive sessions.

I don't have very much data on this but
I am wondering if any objective comparisons could be made from athlete
to athlete. For example, two mountaineers do a Tabata on the Versa
Climber and one goes 550 feet in the 4 minutes and the other person goes
450 feet. I'm curious if others have tried to make some sort of
objective linkage between Tabata results and Anaerobic conditioning? I
realize this is not very "scientific" as body weight, heart rate and
other factors are not taken into account. I'm purposely trying to come
up with an evaluation that repeatable, easy to do on your own and
reliable. I do think that sport specificity is important and that the
type of test use should be as close to the activity as possible. For
example a rowing ergometer probably would not be as applicable to a
cyclist compared to a cycle test.

All comments and feedback are welcome.
Doug Schurman
Seattle, WA

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