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Sabtu, 19 Januari 2008

Re: [surfacehippy] Why so many young having implants??

My view is that health care is not oriented to beig
preventative or educational; rather, health care as we
know it deals with the problems only after they are
symptomatic, acute or chronic, and not as part of a
WHOLE person, but a set of symptoms that have to be
Also, physiology and anatomy seem to have gone the way
of geography in our educational systems!
There is definitely a growng interest in gentle forms
of exercise, bodywork, intergrative medicice,
holisitic health approaches, inlcuding
clean/natural/non-indistrial nutrition-- I think the
demand exceeds the supply!!
Also, the last decade or so has evidenced an
extraordinary pressure on kids to specialize in one
sport or phyiscal activity (playing an instrument,
dance) at a very young age with very high rates of
frequency and intensity- not good for our bodies as
they were made!!
Hopefully, we will not just get better at the
solutions to these new body problems, but we will stop
having them even occur so much.
Your point of view is always welcome here, Edith.
Good luck with your happier hip (and body and soul),
pre-op sf
--- edith <> wrote:

> Hi,
> It is Sunday afternoon so I will
> I work as a pilates instructor/PT ... My comments is
> I am surprised there
> isn't more given the state of general body knowledge
> and maintenance I see
> any day of the week.
> The peculiar thing is we get this one body.... we
> are totally dependent on
> its smooth functioning ..but many of us will spend
> more time and money on
> the maintenance of our cars than on the real
> maintenance our bodies. Large
> majority of us have very little knowledge either on
> how this organism our
> senses inhabits works, or more importantly what it
> requires for smooth
> functioning... So often it is swallow a few vitamin
> pills and hope for the
> best....
> Some of us are born with slightly different bone
> structure arrangements
> which need special exercise attention throughout the
> life. but these are not
> imparted to them.. more likely they are told that
> they have a hip joint
> problem and at some point they will require a hip
> op.... Others don't even
> get to find that out until it is all too late...
> Others go out being weekend warriors with joints
> not adequately protected
> by properly developed joint stabilizers.... Often
> they don't even know that
> this is necessary until it is too late to prevent
> the small accident to the
> cartilage lining the joint.
> Others think that joints don't mind carrying far
> more weight than they are
> designed to carry.... in addition the weight forces
> the joint to be
> relatively inflexible and the joint stabilizers to
> take a holiday.. so
> synovial fluid doesn't easily get in there and
> cartilage is left to take the
> brunt of the joint movement without lubrication.
> And so it goes on and on.... My own case was a fused
> hip following
> osteomylitis - slightly different to most... though
> I will admit to as much
> ignorance as anyone else.
> So, each individual case will have a starting point
> be it congential or
> acquired along the way... To me it will continue
> this way until more
> knowledge is community based about the need to look
> after our bodies.
> Personally we can do our bit by helping even younger
> folk to have some
> understanding of this.
> Edith BLHR Dr L Walter Syd Aust 8/02
> [Non-text portions of this message have been
> removed]

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