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Rabu, 09 Januari 2008

[Supertraining] Re: Explosive Exercise is pointless

Having read research documents by most of those you've mentioned,
being involved in competitive lifting (albeit some time ago),
currently coaching athletes in a variety of sports from Australia to
South Africa and the U.S. and spending many, many hours speaking
directly with locomotion researchers (who don't suggest lifts but
offer a lot more rationale for where and how lifting would be most
beneficial), I have absolutely no doubt that explosive exercises are
not necessary for a wide variety of sports.

I'm not a proponent of HIT or any other acronym group.

I gave up on specialty lift fads a long time ago.

I'm not interested in the lift of the week nor a better way to
scratch out an extra pound in a lift that won't increase performance
on the field, court or gym.

I didn't discontinue Olympic or any other variety of explosive lifts
solely because of potential injury (everything in sport performance
has the potential for injury) but because I did not see sufficient
enhancements in athletic performance to justify their use.

Basically then, I am a strong proponent of doing only what is truly
necessary and nothing else.

Barry Ross
Los Angeles, USA

--- In, "Dan Partelly"
<dan_partelly@...> wrote:
> Use google scholar , and search for research of Hainaut, Duchateau ,
> Enoka, Hakinnen, Komi.
> Probably will cast your doubts aside faster then "waiting" for
> somebody else to do it.
> No offense, but why wait for us organize the research we are aware
> in this domain, and expect knowledge readily synthesized ?
> processes always required some effort. All those names where already
> mentioned in this thread. All you have to do is now study their
> The pointers were given. Waiting wont cast aside your doubts.
> Start by buying "Strength and power and sport" edited by Komi, then
> work your way up to "peer reviewed" studies, by above authors.
> have enough material to study for a couple of months.
> Dan Partelly
> Oradea, ROmania
> --- In, "thefattys" <barry@> wrote:
> >
> > Finally, a breath of fresh air mixed with some common sense!
> >
> > Thanks Rob.
> >
> > Some of us are still waiting to see the peer reviewed studies that
> > refute Bruce_Low and Smiths contention that peer-reviewed studies
> > not support explosive exercises as being more effective than
> > traditional slow and heavy weight training for enhancement of
> > and athletic performance.
> >
> > I'm especially interested because I've worked both sides of the
> > street, finding no difference in performance from my athletes when
> > the explosive routines were eliminated.
> > After using Olympic lifts from 1967 to 2003, I can attest to the
> > difficulty of removing some of these iconic lifts!
> >
> > Barry Ross
> > Los Angeles, USA
> >

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