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Kamis, 24 Januari 2008

[surfacehippy] Re: Obvious play a year post-op

Thanks Bill for your post.

The fluid issue is for me not coupled to a conviction that the joint
may wear out, I possibly would have thought so if also squeaking
noises were hearda dn then also all the time, but that never occured
for me.
But I will do some more intensive training and raise my fluid intake
the coming month to see what kind of result this returns. When that
fails to give any positive result I will have to reconsider things,
since I do not accept it as normal, then at least we should have seen
many more reports on this subject from other patients.
I'll stay in touch!

Ron van Mierlo

--- In, "Bill" <wjohnson3@...> wrote:
> --- In, Ron & Eefje <ron-eefje@>
> wrote:
> > A while ago I wrote about the subsided play in my operated hip in
> > response to questions of someone else. Now exactly a year after the
> > operation I must admit that I still experience play and this is now
> > becoming a concern to me.
> Ron,
> I had a BHR resurfacing done by Dr De Smet 19 months ago for severe
> protrusio acetabulum. In essence, Koen built a new acetabulum for me,
> filling in the old one with the bone graft from reaming the femoral
> head.
> I have faithfully done the prescribed stretches, water workouts, and
> now am running again. From the beginning, I have had
> significant "play" in my artificial joint that I can feel. It was
> unnerving to me at first, but now I just take it as a reminder that I
> have had a hip replacement, and the pain I felt before is almost
> completely gone.
> When I had a checkup with Koen at 15 months, I talked to him about
> the sliding feeling in the hip, and his reply was that while he
> thinks that resurfacing of the hip is about the best artificial joint
> that one could have, it is still a replacement and not the original
> equipment.
> I think also that some of us are more sensitive to the feelings in
> our bodies. I started doing Tai Chi again 1 year post surgery, and I
> can definitely feel the hip sliding as I change positions.
> I was also thinking that generating more synovial fluid could be an
> answer to lessening the feeling of movement in the hip.
> I cringe sometimes when people recommend products, but I have an
> example from treating our thoroughbred horses for arthritis. We found
> a liquid created for horses by Kinetic Technologies called Conquer.
> It is pure sodium hyaluronate (HA) and is given orally to the horses
> 100mg/day. It makes an amazing difference, which has also been shown
> in double blind testing.
> They have a human product in capsule form, which I was thinking about
> trying myself; it comes in 30mg doses. At any rate, the studies show
> that the HA liquid does stimulate the production of synovial fluid in
> the horses' joints.
> Myself, I have accepted this strange sensation in my hip as part of
> my new, pain-free life. My only real concern is that if there isn't
> enough synovial fluid in the joint, the bearing surface may wear out
> more quickly. Dr De Smet told me that after 2 years, I can have a
> blood test that will show the level of metal ions in the blood, which
> csn show if there is excess wear in the bearing. (They don't do the
> test for the first 2 years, as the bearing is wearing in.)
> Best wishes for your hip,
> Bill in Atlanta
> LBHR 50/58 De Smet 13-Jun-06

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